Nik Software now FREE

I just received my update from Red River Paper about their new Canvas paper.  In the body of the blog was an announcement that Google, who owns Snapseed, my favorite app for tuning up photos on my tablet is giving away my favorite Black and White program.  Not only are they giving away SilverEFX Pro, they are giving away their whole suite of software plugins.  So if you would like to shorten up or post production time, or want to play with black and white, color enhancement, HDR, or sharpening RUN over to and download the plugin before they either change their mind or stop making it available.  They have tutorials on the web site to help you learn the program also.

Keep looking here and I’ll be posting some more about why SilverEFX Pro is my go to program for black and white.  Let me leave this with you, when I look at a scene and know I want to display it in black and white, I shoot color and do the post processing using SilverEFX Pro.

Alright, if you are a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements user, go over and get that program suite!


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