3000 miles in 10 days AKA 2018 Moto Guzzi National event

Forty one degrees. A great way to start day two of our motorcycle journey to the Pacific
Northwest. When we left the Bay area on Thursday at noon it was warm and sunny with
temperatures in the mid 60’s. The cool Sacramento River seemed to calling us as we stopped at the Sundial Bridge in Redding with the air at 80 degrees.
Not being sure exactly where one needs to stand to use the sundial, we pulled on the cable to make sure the tensions was right, snapped a few photos and on to Shasta Lake, over the border into Oregon and a final stop in Grants Pass at about 10pm. A good day!
Our forty one degree start was rewarded just outside of Corvallis when we spotted a 747 on top of a building in the distance while scooting down a secondary roads on the way to Portland.

Sundial Bridge, Redding, CA
Woodinville, WA

Tempted by the obvious marketing attempt to wrestle some cash out of our pocket, we stumbled into the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. Bike guys, cars guys, airplane guys, to borrow a phrase from Billy Joel, “It’s still rock and roll to me.” Two and a half hours later we were on our way to Portland just in time for Friday rush hour. On to out campsite in Woodinville, Washington, another 10pm close.
The Cossacks Motorcycle Stunt Team and the National event awaits us for Saturday and
Sunday. Like our little Entourage, you too will have to wait.


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