The Original Memorial Day

Memorial Day was established as a remembrance of Civil War soldiers, all of them American. According to tributes to the fallen began as early as 1866. While the exact chronology seems to be a little vague, it became a federal holiday in 1971. Originally known as Decoration Day, it has since been the country’s opportunity to honor all soldiers.

Here in nearby Felton we have an annual reenactment of the Civil War at a place called Roaring Camp. The American Civil War Association ( stage the annual event which includes camp followers and soldiers.


-Our feature today is Frank. Frank is an engineer turned blacksmith. When we met him he was working on a bottle opener for a couple who stood close by intently watching him ply his trade. Blacksmiths were the local go-to for any part, tool, or trinket made from iron. During the Civil War Frank would have been responsible for repairing or replacing weapons, utensils, building tools and what not.

Of course there’s more fun to be had than just the blacksmith.

What’s a battle without a big boom?


And a little music…


And we have to shoot at each other (even if the aiming isn’t too good). Of course it is nearly 60″ long and weighs about 9 pounds.

Mamiya RB67 Ultrafine Extra B&W

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