Postcards from the Pacific Northwest-Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is a local gem for mid-state Oregonians. For us urban Californians it offers a couple of things we generally need to drive to see, waterfalls and endless forests. According to the Oregon state parks website ( this is the “Crown jewel” of their state parks system. The Trail of the Ten Falls is a 7.2 mile loop with a view of ten falls including a behind the falls view. We did the two ends of the trail during our visit.

Photographically it’s always a challenge to take a photo that is somehow unique. It could be from a different perspective or perhaps include a member of your party.  When we return from a vacation place we put a collage of photos from the trip on a wall. We get a revolving art show and warm fuzzies from our trip.  Of course, there are always phone pics to show off when we’re out and about.

We visited on a sunny clear day. Anytime we visit Oregon we are ready for rain (why else would it be so green year-round?) but there was no need for ponchos on this visit. With only 800 feet of elevation change throughout the hike the attitude is easy and there is a lot of company.

Here are a couple of “Wish you were here” postcards.

Looking for additional inspiration? Browse over to 

Behind the falls look
Notice the walking path goes behind the waterfall.

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