Move around for stronger photos

This sculpture caught my eye as I was drinking a cup of coffee.

I saw this incredible sculpture at Tiburon, California a few weeks ago. The community had commissioned a sailboat for their plaza by the bay. I was having coffee across the street when the glint of the sun off the sails caught my eye. Looking across the street I saw the base of the piece was actually a seat placed in front of the sail. How clever, I thought. Closer examination revealed the sails were placed above a reflecting pond. I was hooked so I picked up my camera and started to take a few photos. I decided to leave out people and focus solely on the sculpture itself.

Black and White worked well because of the strong graphic element-elegant and flowing

You can see from the examples, the artist created a cornucopia of possibilities from his simple task to make a sailboat.  As you view the photos remember that the photo you had in mind when you decided to take the picture is not the only view or picture to be taken. Move around and discover other possibilities that you might not have seen in the beginning.

Each angle offered a new view-the shark
Each element of the sculpture is separate, a bench, reflecting pond, and sails

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