Another COVID walk.

It started out as a just-get-me-out-of-the-house walk to Coyote Creek for a casual stroll.  My COVID walk needed a camera so I picked up a Nikon D7100 and 80-400mm telephoto

It was late in the afternoon and as I strolled, I had an eye out for birds. Big birds, little birds, woodpeckers, finches, the ubiquitous raven and if it was my lucky day an eagle. A group of bicyclists went by. After a while, a trio of three wheeled recumbent cyclists passed.

Suddenly, I saw the shadow of a large bird. Maybe it’s an eagle I said to myself.  He stopped at the base of a couple of trees and then glanced at me and hopped away. So, this is a game of cat and mouse I thought. Taking a couple of steps to find his low perch, he again hopped away to hide. 

I’ll hide myself I thought, and I moved into a shady area that was like a blind in the bright sun. Sure enough, his curiosity got the best of him and he stepped out to take a look. Stepping forward I spied him and caught him looking in my direction. A turkey vulture, how disappointing, I hoped to see a majestic eagle. But he wasn’t done. He gave me the stink eye, took a few steps away to hide again. 

I was not to be bested. He was about 40 yards away, watching me but not wanting to be watched. So, I stepped toward him. He took off. He was not lost to my camera though, he just escaped for now. I spied him a few minutes later and captured these.

Maybe this COVID anxiety has a payoff.

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