The Wonder

It wasn’t too early, about 7am. We hadn’t broken camp yet, but the coffee was on and we knew we would be on our way within the hour. Why did a perfect little hummingbird show up? I suppose I could have let him do his thing and admire the beauty of his flight, the way the color of his body and tail stood out against the pine needles and purple flowers as he gently drew the precious nectar out while we sat by eating a light breakfast. But I couldn’t.

So, I grabbed a camera to capture this little wonder of creation. If he was going to pose, I had to take his portrait. But I had the wrong lens on the camera. The photo would have mostly been the flora, not the bird. Out came the 300mm lens and away went the bird.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…should I go break down the tent? One can only expect his friends to wait so long. Waiting…clean up the coffee pot, pack the food, waiting, waiting…the others are collapsing tents, strapping bags to motorcycles. he looking at me from a tree laughing? I guess I’ll give up. Wait! He’s back! Want to pose little guy? He did. I took his portrait.


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