I’ve been using a camera as my artist tool of choice for about 14 years. Along the way I’ve photographed hundreds of school children, provided professional portraits for people in a variety of occupations, did some work with a local magazine, joined a gallery, and helped brighten up homes and business with landscape and nature photos. I enjoy using digital and film cameras.

A couple of years ago I fell into a collection of classic and antique cameras. Much to my surprise most of them still work. From old box cameras from the 1920’s to medium format and 35mm professional cameras, nothing was newer than 1970. Putting film in these old cameras reminded me that the camera doesn’t take the picture, the photographer does. Along the way I fell in love with film.

I welcome you on my journey exploring these classic cameras. Even though these cameras had no light meters and many don’t even have focus rings, I’ve learned that if my grandpa could take a picture with them so could I. At the end of the day it is still just a box with a hole and a way to capture the image.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I look forward to following your blog, Dave. I hope you enjoy blogging. You will make a lot of friends.

    I probably should have kept my dad’s equipment but I’d need a place to store it. I have thousands of slides he took over the years. I remember helping to develop some of them in our darkroom in the basement.


    1. That’s great. I’ve moved into film photography and the process of developing is very rewarding. I think I like the mystery of not knowing how the photo looks over the instantness of digital photography. In some ways I wish my son’s caught the shutterbug also.

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      1. He probably will. I love the smell of the darkroom. I loved the anticipation as the image slowly appeared on the paper. I loved the glossy black and white photos. If you love it, he will too. 🙂


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