Happy Veteran’s Day 2021

Originally Armistice Day to celebrate the end of The Great War, November 11 is celebrated by many countries around the world to honor those who have served in the military. In Canada and the other dominion countries it is called Remembrance Day. Whatever you call it, a day set aside to honor the men andContinue reading “Happy Veteran’s Day 2021”

Postcards from Arches National Park

The scale of Arches National Park is hard to display on your computer screen. It’s big! Look a little closer at the white specks in the lower center of the image, they’re people. With big vistas it helps to step back. I took photos at Windows Arch on two different days. The first day IContinue reading “Postcards from Arches National Park”

Dinosaur National Monument-One of Utah’s hidden treasures

On any vacation there are distinct moments. Like a movie that alternates between eras or from one setting to another, a trip can be a kaleidoscope of experiences and images. Utah with its five national parks has a unique beauty. In some ways Utah is the image of the old west at its finest. TheContinue reading “Dinosaur National Monument-One of Utah’s hidden treasures”

Speaking of monuments…

The last post about Rosie the Riveter started me thinking about other monuments in San Jose. The city, founded by Spain to feed the missions around San Francisco bay-Santa Clara, San Francisco de Assis, and San Jose (located in Fremont, CA), predates the founding of the United States. It has housed citizens from Spain, Mexico,Continue reading “Speaking of monuments…”

Rosie, Monuments, and the “Right” Color

This past spring and summer there was a lot of public discussion about monuments. What should communities choose to honor from the past and whom should we choose to represent the ideals of our country? Should we honor one of the greatest presidents in our history in a sculpture that can be interpreted as bothContinue reading “Rosie, Monuments, and the “Right” Color”