Not Powell’s Colorado River

John Wesley Powell defied the myth of the Colorado River’s invincibility and led the first expedition through the Grand Canyon, according to His bravery and heroism, some might say foolishness and bravado, put him in the middle of Americas exploration of the west. Along with the great migration to the Oregon territory, the GoldContinue reading “Not Powell’s Colorado River”

Coyote Valley: The Other Silicon Valley

Before it was known as the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara county grew crops and raised livestock for the entire country and exported products throughout the world. The springtime beauty of the flowering orchards and the variety of crops grown here from the 1880’s through the 1960s made the area a lush paradise. Beautiful and profitable,Continue reading “Coyote Valley: The Other Silicon Valley”

Horsetail Falls-Yosemite National Park

It’s February and that means people from around the world go to Yosemite National Park to capture a photo of Horsetail Falls. In a previous post I mentioned the years it took me to capture this photo. This week I wanted to revisit the experience. Park staff has made it more difficult to capture thisContinue reading “Horsetail Falls-Yosemite National Park”

The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation-a book review

The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation by Brenda Wineapple Random House, New York, December, 2019 Books that examine a big historical incident are frequently about current events as much as they are about the past. The title of this book couldn’t be more contemporary. As the newsContinue reading “The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation-a book review”

Move around for stronger photos

I saw this incredible sculpture at Tiburon, California a few weeks ago. The community had commissioned a sailboat for their plaza by the bay. I was having coffee across the street when the glint of the sun off the sails caught my eye. Looking across the street I saw the base of the piece wasContinue reading “Move around for stronger photos”

Postcards from the Palo Alto Art Show-Point of View

David duChemin writes about composition and intent all the time. The overarching theme on his blog and in his classes is composition is more important than equipment. I couldn’t agree more. The two photos here are a good example. I’m happy with each but for a different reason. The top photo gives the impression theContinue reading “Postcards from the Palo Alto Art Show-Point of View”

Postcards from the Palo Alto Art Show

We stopped by the Palo Alto Art show on August 25. Of course I took my camera but being an artist I had no intention to photograph other people’s art. That would be like stealing their intellectual property. So what do I photograph? The answer jumped out at me as watched the chalk artists createContinue reading “Postcards from the Palo Alto Art Show”

Susanville and the Longest Bar in Northeast California

Susanville is a unique place. Situated near the base of Mr. Lassen National Park, it is the only town with full services in the Mt. Lassen neighborhood. Long the staging place for cowboys, ranchers, logging, and mining. The town was profiled in a 2007 PBS special titled “Prison Town” that examines the economic effects toContinue reading “Susanville and the Longest Bar in Northeast California”

Postcards from the Pacific Northwest-Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is a local gem for mid-state Oregonians. For us urban Californians it offers a couple of things we generally need to drive to see, waterfalls and endless forests. According to the Oregon state parks website ( this is the “Crown jewel” of their state parks system. The Trail ofContinue reading “Postcards from the Pacific Northwest-Silver Falls State Park”